It is the most popular of all the different types. Stream Pepper Spray A spray or mist is more easily inhaled, but it has a shorter range than other patterns. Pattern of Spray. Some are intended for use on people, while others are meant to deter an animal attack and include bear pepper spray. Have a look! Our Full Axis is a stream product that you can spray … For figuring out which is better, you need to know more about their differences. The best advantage of a stream pattern is the range which … VEXOR® Pepper Spray All Vexor products are fully compliant with ranges from 0.18% up to 1.45%. Pepper spray is in liquid form while pepper gel is, of course, in a sticky gel form. Pepper spray comes in various forms such as a foam, fogger, stream and gel. We offer a number of different spray patterns from Fog, Stream and Foam. It also doesn’t allow targeting, which means there is some risk of hitting people … Pepper sprays are formulated for different purposes. Think about how you will carry your pepper spray … I have listed the differences between pepper spray and pepper gel. Stream – Pepper spray with a stream pattern features a liquid base and sprays a lot like a water gun. Some pepper sprays unleash a steady stream, while others shoot in a quick burst or cone-shaped flow.


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