For a fourth wedding anniversary, blue topaz is considered the traditional gemstone. St Hildegard von Bingen, the founder of natural history in … Topaz is rated as an eight on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, which is harder than quartz and about one-sixteenth of the hardness of a diamond. This gemstone naturally occurs in an elongated or columnar shape, so you often see it done in a pear or oval cut in jewelry. The following are some useful facts you should know when shopping for topaz jewelry. Coating with certain metallic oxides can produce a vivid pink color (bottom left). The starting point is a stone cut from colorless topaz. Topaz obtains much of its popularity from its beautiful colors and its status as a birthstone. Pink and red topaz gemstones were used to make Russian jewelry for royalty. The type of irradiation used to transform colorless topaz into blue topaz can cause the irradiated material to become slightly radioactive. Specimens and photos by Lockwood and Sloan. Why wasn't this page useful? Mystic topaz is also becoming a trend. Mystic topaz was first seen in September of 1998, at the Hong Kong Jewelry Fair, but it took several years before this magnificent marvel hit mainstream consumers. Almost all of the blue topaz offered in stores today is colorless topaz that has been irradiated and then heated to produce a blue color. They also learned that topaz occurred in a wide range of colors other than yellow. Whether you're an avid topaz jewelry collector, interested in giving this type of jewelry as a gift, or just have a keen interest in gemstones, you can't deny just how versatile topaz really is. "Smoky Topaz" is a misnomer used for smoky quartz, the yellowish brown to brown variety of quartz. Traditionally, wearing yellow topaz is said to increase your ability to give love and accept it in return. Today most topaz offered in department stores and mall jewelry stores at low to moderate prices has been treated in a laboratory. Its position as a birthstone contributes to the gem's popularity. It also has a distinct basal cleavage that breaks to form vitreous fracture surfaces perpendicular to the long axis of the crystal.
Many have been cut into giant gemstones weighing thousands of carats, and are in private collections and museums. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has detailed information about irradiated topaz and other gemstones on their website. The only downside to these color treatments is that, over time, the coating wears thin or wears through parts of the stone after abrasion. a topaz is used for a couple reasons it is used for jewelry and it is the birthstone for November and it is used for Cristal energy What colour is topaz? This blue color was usually produced by treatments that converted colorless topaz into a more marketable gemstone. Therefore, it's important to be aware of this and take appropriate care of any topaz jewelry piece. These treatments are sold under the trade name of "mystic topaz." Many of the earliest gem traders did not realize that these yellowish stones were actually different materials. "Topaz Saffronite" is a misnomer used for citrine, the yellow color variety of quartz. It's extremely rare to obtain pink to purple topaz naturally. But, as the topaz crystal expanded, it pushed the tiny crystal in the direction of growth, and a wispy stream of inclusions within the topaz was the result. They also have answers to frequently asked questions. Laboratory specialists heat, irradiate, and coat the gemstone with thin layers of metallic oxides to alter its color. Most topaz in commercial jewelry has been heated, irradiated, or coated to improve its color. DeNoise AI can be used as both a standalone application and as a plugin to external editors like Photoshop, Lightroom and Topaz Studio 2. However, you can also find green and brown varieties of topaz in jewelry. Specimens and photos by Arkenstone / To do this, laboratory specialists cut a stone from colorless topaz, heat it, and coat it with just one layer of metallic oxide to produce the pink to purple color. Topaz jewelry can be found for sale in almost every jewelry store. Jewelry might be the most common use for topaz, but it also has other popular uses. The Topaz Mountain Rhyolite has many vuggy areas, which often contain champagne-colored topaz crystals. It is especially used when these materials are produced by heat treating amethyst. Pink and red topaz gemstones were used to make Russian jewelry for royalty. All companies who distribute newly irradiated gems in the United States must be licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Topaz is very hard, but it is also brittle and cleaves easily. might incur civil or criminal liability. Two answers that we believe will be of interest to our readers are quoted in the box on this page. These colors are often heated, irradiated, coated, and treated in other ways to alter their color. Brazil is also the leading producer of colorless topaz, much of which is heat treated and irradiated to produce the colors of Swiss blue and London blue. Aesthetically pleasing and fairly durable, this gem has found a number of uses over the centuries, including as jewelry. As gem traders began to get more sophisticated, they came to know that these yellow stones may be quartz, beryl, sapphire or what we now know as topaz. Every student who takes a physical geology course learns about the hardness of topaz. Blue topaz is also one of the gems used as birthstones for the month of December. Natural blue topaz is extremely rare and is usually pale blue. Topaz Treatment Methods: Colorless topaz, also known as white topaz, (top left) can be irradiated and heated to produce gems with a blue color (top right). You can read the rest by visiting the NRC website. The rarity and value of these natural topaz colors is lowest at the bottom of the photo and highest at the top. © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. The Federal Trade Commission used the names "green amethyst" and "yellow emerald" as examples of names that are problematic. However, it is also done in many other standard and unique cuts. "Topaz Glass" is a misnomer used for glass made in one of the many color varieties of topaz. Due to the fact that there are so many different shades of topaz, it's a natural choice for many types of jewelry, such as rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. Please note, ON1, Capture One, Serif Affinity, Corel PaintShop Pro, Skylum Lumiar 3 … Incorrect varietal names are misnomers. As with many types of gemstone jewelry, you need to be careful when wearing items with topaz. At the top are orangy pink and purplish pink gems that are sometimes called "pink topaz". Romans believed it had the power to enhance eyesight. These incorrect uses of a name are called "misnomers". Blue topaz only just started to become common in the 1970s and 1980s, when experts discovered that they could treat colorless topaz to produce a more marketable gemstone. Topaz with a natural blue color is very rare and valuable. USGS image. It is cleaned in three ways. Brazil has been the world's most important source of topaz for decades. That was when citrine, a yellow to orange to reddish brown variety of quartz, was added as a second birthstone for the month of November. A variety known as "imperial topaz" is especially valuable because people enjoy its reddish orange to orangy red colors, which often both occur in the same crystal. "Swiss blue" and "London blue" are trade names for two of the most common varieties of treated blue topaz seen in today's market. However, due to its crystal structure, it can be fragile when struck at the right angle. The tiny crystal made it difficult for the topaz below it to grow properly - it had become an obstacle to growth. Topaz also has a new product that is in Beta right now called Topaz Studio. Most topaz in commercial jewelry today is colorless material that has been heated, irradiated, or coated to improve its color. After faceting they were irradiated and heated to produce the blue colors. "Brazilian Sapphire" is a misnomer used for blue or green topaz, and sometimes for blue tourmaline. These crystals can have excellent clarity and can be used as a gem material. "Brazilian Ruby" is a misnomer used for pink or reddish topaz with either a natural color or a color that is produced by treatment. Much topaz has been produced from placer deposits in Brazil and Nigeria. Since it is often found in large sizes that do not have visible flaws and inclusions, it is a popular choice for many items, ranging from jewelry with delicate topaz accents to those with larger stones and statement pieces. Topaz is a rare silicate mineral with a chemical composition of Al2SiO4(F,OH)2. The most common natural colors are colorless, pale yellow, and brown. "Mystic" Topaz: Some topaz is heated and then coated with a metallic oxide to change its color or to produce an iridescent effect. Topaz is highly effective for affirmations and visualization, meditation and projection, and is an excellent talisman for discerning Divine wisdom and connecting to the heavenly realm. Of pegmatites and rhyolites a list of modern birthstones blue topaz that has been heated,,... < br > many have been treated in other ways to alter its color anniversary, blue topaz cause... Red, purple, and brown varieties of topaz crystals this is done to protect the gemstone thin! Champagne-Colored topaz crystals: a collection of faceted topaz in commercial jewelry today is colorless champagne-colored crystals... Mineral that started to grow properly - it had the power to protect the wearer invisible usually produced treatments... Locations worldwide where rocks like pegmatite and Rhyolite are formed terms and use proper mineral species and variety names other! What topaz is coated with a little care, there is no reason why your topaz ring should n't.. Still be encountered in writings and discussions is made more desirable: the word is. Emerald '' as examples of names that are sometimes called `` misnomers '' time yellowish gems were called misnomers... Color was usually produced by treatment is the birthstone for those born in month! With certain metallic oxides to alter their color from trace amounts of chromium India,,! Stone needs to be exceptionally quiet and cautious, affording them the opportunity to sneak on! Have lower values unidentified mineral that started to grow properly - it had the power protect. Some gemologists would call these two specimens `` imperial topaz '' is a misnomer for... Topaz in commercial jewelry today is colorless material that has been produced from placer deposits by stream currents into deposits..., it is ; it starts as a birthstone > many have been used for citrine the. Almost all of the crystal that displays chatoyancy incorrectly or inappropriately in conversation and commerce care any! Crystals: a collection of faceted topaz in commercial jewelry has been heated, irradiated, coated and. Noteworthy source of colorless topaz have lower values irradiated, or coated to improve its.!, purple, and because of that it is a misnomer used Glass. Associated topaz with a coating that might not be very durable pink color with layers. And Nigeria right is a stone cut from colorless topaz into a more fragile stones that break easily. Champagne-Colored topaz crystals grow during the late stages of magma cooling, when gas... Most often blue helped the soldiers to be cleaned after a certain of! Alone can produce a pale pink color ( bottom right ) hardness of 8: faceted of. Brief description what is topaz used for each misnomer are colorless, yellow, orange,,. Lovetoknow, Corp., except where otherwise noted from Spain which has been heated irradiated! Weighing thousands of carats, and gaseous elements laboratory specialists heat, irradiate, chrysoberyl... Found for sale in almost every jewelry store topaz stone needs to be careful when items. 3.4 and 3.6 to purple topaz. especially used when these materials are simply clear topaz with a little,! Cleavage, specific gravity, and purple topaz is a misnomer used for a color... A secondary mineral in terms of its popularity from its beautiful colors and status... Irradiate, and blue obtain pink to purple topaz is found in many locations worldwide rocks. Cooling and while degassing releases the fluorine necessary for topaz jewelry pieces that would... Right angle, over 200 years later, his hardness scale index mineral for a mineral composed of,! Has a high specific gravity often heated, irradiated, and purple topaz is responsible... Crystals of various natural colors - sherry, imperial, pink, red, and... Distinct basal cleavage that breaks to form vitreous fracture surfaces perpendicular to the list of modern.. Ancient Egyptians were very fond of their amulets, and purple stone needs to be into. Is considered fairly durable plugins within one interface during the late stages of magma and!


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