And in cases where the rent was finalized years ago, a freeze be levied on revision for 24 months. 3) The premises will be used only for the residence of the “Licensee of other part” and of his family members and for no other purpose whatsoever. While we believe When a landlord lets out his home on rent, or when a tenant occupies a rental home, such activities fall under the ambit of the Rent Control Act. 1000/- only. According to the Act the landlord shall not be entitled to the recovery of possession of any premises so long as the tenant pays, or is ready and willing to pay, the amount of the, standard rent and permitted increases, if any, and observes and performs the other, conditions of the tenancy, in so far as they are consistent with the provisions. View the Format of a Rental Agreement, Maharashtra, Registered Rental Agreement, Quick Online Rental Agreement, PF Affidavit, Notary Services, Sub-Registrar, Government. Licence A licence is a right to do or continue to do, in or upon the immovable property of the grantor, something w… The Maharashtra Ownership Flats (Regulations of the Promotion Of Construction, Sale, Management And Transfer) Rules, 1964. According to Sapna, a Mumbai-based proprietor from Smilehomes, “The Maharashtra Rent Act benefits both the tenants and the landlords. material and other information sources on the internet. 9673276760 | 9871907873 | Have questions related to Online Leave and License Registration then we have all answers for you. This section states –. and use your judgement and verify any information before making any He can also increase the rent at the rate of 15 per cent per annum for improvements and alterations provided 70 per cent tenants consent in writing. • The number of residential tenements in the new building should not less than the number of residential tenements in the old building The Maharashtra Rent Control Bill 1999 passed with amendments by both the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, aimed to unify the three different Rent Control Laws, in operation in the State of Maharashtra. Under Section 55 (1) of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999, any agreement for Leave and License or letting of any premises entered into between the landlord and the tenant or the licensee as the case may be should be in writing and should be registered under the Registration Act, 1908. Rajgopalan Sripathi. • The work of demolition of the old building will be completed within three months and the new building will be completed in 15 months thereafter. In addition to providing accommodation, a paying guest can avail of services such as electronic items and kitchen utensils. As per the Rent Control Act of Maharashtra, 1999, a leave and license agreement between a licensor and a licensee must be in writing and must be registered under the Registration Act, 1908. WHEREAS:-The “Licensor of one Part” is the absolute owner and otherwise fully entitled to and possessed of a residential flat situate at ————————————, Mumbai admeasuring about ____ Sq.Feet, comprising ___________________ with attached W.C (herein after referred to as the “Said premises” for the sake of brevity); AND WHEREAS the “Licensee of other part”, being in the need of accommodation has approached the said “Licensor of one part” to allow him to use and occupy the said premises for residential purpose on ‘Leave & Licence’ basis for a limited period of eleven months and whereas the “Licensor of one part”  was agreeable to this, he decided to enter into and execute a “Leave & Licence” Agreement on the terms and conditions which are agreed by and between the parties hereto as under:-, NOW IT IS AGREED BY AND BETWEEN THE PARTIES HERETO AS FOLLOWS:-. AND WHEREAS the Licensee herein is in need of temporary premises for his Residential use has/have approached the Licensor with a request to allow the Licensee herein to use and occupy the said premises on Leave and License basis for a period of 22 Months commencing from 52 TO 64. And, if there is no agreement, the landlord can terminate the tenancy. If the licensee and the landlord agree to continue the arrangement and renew the agreement, they may enter into a fresh leave and license agreement for 11 months at a time. The period should be less than 60 months, as a Lease agreement has to be entered into for a longer period. Leave and License Agreement (E) Registration | Rent Agreement Online - Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Navi-Mumbai | Call. There is no restriction on the renewal of the Leave & Licence agreement. 5) All the Municipal taxes and other taxes and levies in respect of the licensed premises will be paid by the Licensor alone. Each state has its own Rent Control Act. Each state has its own Rent Control Act. Now, the city police have created a new tab on their official website,, only for tenancy verification. The information related 31-3-2000) Section 55. Vishal Project is set to make your dreams a reality. Sir, Under Maharashtra Rent Control Act 1999, the document of Leave & Licence has to be properly stamped and registered. Advocate, Hyderabad. Section 55 of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999, provides that any agreement for leave and license or letting of any premises, entered into between the landlord and the tenant or the licensee, as the case may be, after the commencement of this Act, shall be in writing and shall be registered under the Registration Act, 1908. Tenancy agreement … No, it is not true that lease agreement cannot be done for more than 3 years. Ans: Yes it is compulsory to register a Leave and License Agreement as per Section 55 of THE MAHARASHTRA RENT CONTROL ACT, 1999. provided to us, please consider this data and information as indicative Unnecessary jargon should be avoided. The Maharashtra Rent Control Act 1999- An Analysis, Posted on November 6, 2020 By Prahalad Singh, Posted on November 20, 2020 By Prahalad Singh, Posted on November 18, 2020 By Prahalad Singh, Login to add properties to your shortlist, Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority. 18 OF 2000) (w.e.f. Procedure for Registration Maharashtra Rent Control Act 1999 Section 3. 3 breached the condition under clause No. It is now also lawful for a tenant to receive any amount in consideration of the relinquishment or transfer of his tenancy. The next step is Police verification. There is a practice prevalent in Maharashtra that a Leave & License Agreement in respect of a residential premises is, usually, entered into and executed for a period of 11 months. Is 11 months duration compulsory? of this property, project or land holding, and their ownership. The contract should preferably stick to the standard format prescribed for online registration. A tenant is a protected person under the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999 and is often aptly referred to as a statutory tenant. UNDER Section 55 (1) of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999, any agreement for Leave and License or letting of any premises entered into between the landlord and the tenant or the licensee as the case may be should be in writing and should be registered under the Registration Act, 1908. Prepared by the Union housing ministry, the draft Model Residential Tenancy Act, 2011, intends to replace antiquated rent control legislations that cap rents. dated 11th September, 2019 –— Guidelines for Rapid Re-development of Cessed buildings in Mumbai City, Sale of Flat on the Basis of Carpet Area:- G.R. Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999. Factors that high income, property in a good location, valid income proof, and good […], Are you mesmerized by the posh elegance and sleek architecture of luxury homes? Leave & License Registration at Rs. Competent Authority (सुक्ष्म प्राधिकारी न्यायालय) is the one appointed by the Maharashtra State Government for the purpose of exercising the powers conferred, and for performing the duties imposed on him under the Maharashtra Rent control Act, 1999. to ownership of this property are also based on material gathered from public • The carpet area of different premises let in the old building must be the same as in the new building Accordingly, section 55 under the Maharashtra Rent Control Act of 1999 will be amended and the citizens can then file their rental agreement through their mobile device while staying at home. Rental Agreement - Page1. 31-3-2000) 24. For online registration all parties should have PAN & Aadhaar Card. We will keep updating the information here regularly. Now too, in cities like Mumbai, for the transfer of tenancy, 33 per cent of the amount in transaction is paid in cash to the landlord to effect the transfer of tenancy or assignment. The Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999, is the final Act which has replaced all the former Acts in a bid to regulate the rental housing market in the State. Under this practice, the tenant pays a big non-refundable lump sum at market rate at the beginning with the understanding that the landlord will charge only a minimal rent. This means that in all of Maharashtra and not just Mumbai, this rule is applicable.


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