Two numbers Grade 1 parallel straight edges of the same length can be offered as matched pair, at extra cost, ensuring equality of overall depth within the tolerance on parallelism for the respective length of straight edge. Parallel Straightedges . Wd. Other articles where Parallel straightedge is discussed: drafting: Equipment: protractor, and compass; the parallel straightedge is an alternative to the T square. Weight, lbs. For those who work with a … The top and bottom faces are precision ground within 0.0001" per 12". The drafting machine, introduced about 1930, allows a straightedge to be moved while maintaining any desired angle between it and the edge … Actual dimensions of straight edges … Busch Precision Parallel Straight Edges - BSB-6108; Busch Precision Parallel Straight Edges - BSA-6100; Busch Precision Cast Iron Parallel Straight Edge, Size 1" x 2" x 24" - BSB-6102; Busch Precision Cast Iron Parallel Straight Edge, Size 1.5" x 3" x 36" - BSB-6103; Busch Precision Parallel Straight Edge … Level machinery, check surface flatness, and scribe work positions. Tolerance per Foot : … Every Mayline parallel ruling straightedge bar begins with a durable black phenolic laminate base where a transparent blade is inset for see-through registration and fine line quality. Ht. You can also make a parallel straight edge by mounting 4 small pulleys on your bar and threading it in an H pattern, going from lower-left, up to then across the straight edge to the right side and continuing up to top-right, across to the top left, down to the straight edge … Lg.


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