Also, stores like Reliance Trends, Max have dry-fit T-shirts. Hailing from the coastal town of Gokarna, the outdoors have always been a part of her life. Before joining Indiahikes, she studied Telecommunication Engineering at RVCE, but corporate offices were never her cup of tea. (But they do tend to smell quickly, so carry a roll-on deodorant with you. The trail to Satopanth lake is one of the beautiful trails in the Garhwal region. This is another area you should work on. Stay there for the night. They mimic the function of a down jacket but are usually expensive. Â. It will reduce 3 km from the overall trekking distance on that day. The Satopanth Tal trek goes along the Alaknanda River. So it is better to go with a reliable guide to help you navigate the trail and also share some local stories that will be interesting to know about.Â. There are also scree slopes that make it more difficult to climb. But it takes a long time to dry when it gets wet. Later you can rent utensils and other equipment from Badrinath.Â. There are buses every hour that charge you around Rs 650. regularly. Satopanth Lake Trek (Detailed Itinerary) You need to trek very carefully. Carry a poncho or a rain jacket to tackle this. Next day, you can either hire a cab to the starting point at Mana or directly start the trek from Badrinath. do not expose yourself too much to the cold. There really isn’t any necessity to buy the higher-priced models. However, two trekking poles give you greater stability and balance. trek, you’ll need your hands free to wash dishes, pitch tents and hold your trek poles. They will send a rescue team to help you with. Popular, One Of The Finest Summit Climbs For Beginners, Trek to the Pristine Glacial Lake of Garhwal Region. | Do you need a down/feather jacket? Here is one such contact number of reliable guides that we know of: Yashpal Singh – 9458949621,  Ankit Nenwal – 9458366959, There is not a single tea house or food stall on the trail. Get synthetic hand gloves that have waterproofing on the outside and a padded lining on the inside. You need to have prior Himalayan trekking experience and high fitness level to do this trek.Â, This trek is categorized based on the steep sections on the trail, overall altitude gained. You can use your pads, tampons or menstrual cups on the trek. is the nearest hospital in the case of an emergency. It is believed that the trimurthis(triple deity of the divinity in Hinduism), Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara meditated on its three corners.Â, Some articles say that at the end of the Mahabharata, Pandavas took the route from Mana village to reach the steps to heaven which is on the Swargarohini glacier via Satopanth Tal.Â. Satopanth Tal trek has a difficulty level of moderate to difficult. You will not be able to have a bath on the trek, so don’t overload on soaps and shampoos. A daypack is a smaller backpack that is usually of 20-30 ltr capacity. Balakun Peak, Kuber Top, Mt. So its literal meaning is the path of truth. It replenishes essential salts lost while trekking.Â. You also want the gloves to keep you warm. Divisional Forest Office of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, Joshimath is the place where you have to get the permission. –>If you are above 45 years and is comfortable with brisk walking, then target covering 10km in 90 minutes. For this, strengthening your legs will help. Tip: If you notice the difference in air ticket prices between Delhi and Dehradun less than Rs 1000 then book directly to Dehradun. You can easily navigate up till Lakshmi van campsite. Traversing the satopanth glacier and hours of hard trekking on the treacherous moraine is required to reach the lake.The first thing that strikes you is the strange ethereal ambience of the lake, Calm and Soothing The perfectly triangle shaped lake is at the base of the snow crested Chaukhamba 1 peak. A padded jacket serves the purpose here. “Based on several old records and maps, we have presented evidence that while the glacier front of Satopanth Glacier and Bhagirath-Kharak glacier depicted in the Survey of India’s (1962) topographic maps are inaccurate, the coordinates and elevation are fairly accurate,” it says. You can roll the plastic sheet around your backpack and keep it in place with a string or elastic.Â. If your backpack does not have a rain-cover, ensure you get a rain cover by either (a) buying a rain cover (b) or cutting a large plastic sheet to the size of your backpack. They don’t usually cost much. You might be that rare person who spots on the trek!Â. In the mountains, where it is cooler, synthetic is what you wear. So trekking in the winter season is not possible. 139, Defence Colony Road, Defence Layout, Sahakar Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560092, 14, Raj Villa, Milan Vihar, GMS Road, Dehradun - 248001, Permission, Water Sources and other finer details about the trek. Stretchable track pants make a good backup and can double up as your thermal bottoms. 30°42´55´´-30°50´32´´N and longitude 79°13´55´´-79°29´40´´E (Fig.1). The enormous snow reservoirs act as a natural source of big rivers originating at the base of the lesser Himalayas. You need to carry two one-litre water bottles to keep yourself hydrated over the distance. Satopanth Trek photos and images are from professional photographers, tourists and Team eUttaranchal pics. It will help you prepare for the trek with the required precautions.Â, Since the trek starts at a high altitude of 10,830 ft, a buffer day is a must. Spot the Mount Chaukhamba at the centre, Balakun on the right, Swargarohini towards left and Neelkanth standing behind you towards left.Â, The water quality of the Lake is excellent. Carry these medicines with you, easily accessible at all times.Â. Required fields are marked *. Rest well on that night and prepare yourself for a long trek ahead.Â, Trek Distance: 9 km  Since the Inner Line Permit(ILP) is compulsory, you can also get it done from Joshimath if you do not have it. The study, which has Nainwal as lead author, also says official topographic maps are not entirely accurate. They will charge you around Rs 700.Â. Browse through the best high quality 45 Satopanth Trek pictures to plan your trip. Do not get a woollen cap that only covers your head.Â, Trekkers are often confused about whether they need to get a headlamp or a handheld torch. A sun cap is mandatory. The locals call this journey to Satopanth , a journey along the path of Satya Path or the way of Truth. It is 18 km from Joshimath and 23 km from Badrinath. They charge Rs 1000 per day for cooks and Rs 800 for porters. Satopanth Tal has long walking days. GPS coordinates of the starting point at Badrinath: 30°44’47.98″N 79°29’33.07″E It is a pain reliever. Avoid getting large toilet rolls. If you find the combination difficult to get (not likely), wear a tight-fitting fleece hand glove inside a synthetic hand glove. They reduce your energy consumption by almost 40%. It is believed that the King Pandu, the father of great Pandavas of Mahabharata worshipped Lord Shiva here. Â, Special thanks to Puttaraj Alige for all the pictures and helping in documenting the trek : Wildcraft, Decathlon and Adventure Worx usually make good backpacks. If it is below 90, start descending down immediately.Â. If you are somebody who prefers cycling over running, then try to cover 25 km in 60 minutes. Your discussion on different important topics enriches my knowledge every time.” – Subhrajit Mukherjee. Here is the link to the article.Â. Next day, take the 3 am bus that leaves to Badrinath. On a trek, the weather can change quickly. The trekking gear you need to carry for this trek is different from regular treks. Trekking on the bank of Alaknanda and camping in the Lakshmi van forest and Chakratirtha meadow are the best part of the trek. | Buying Tip: The Trek series and MH series are good options by Decathlon. This makes you more susceptible to altitude sickness. On day 1, you can go to Mana village, explore a bit there and come back to Badrinath.Â. Make sure your backpack has good hip support, shoulder support and quick access pockets. Satopanth Tal is an untouched glacier lake at an altitude of 15100 ft. With the shape of a triangle, it is hidden amidst the majestic Garhwal region.Â, Satopanth Lake has a very rich history. With Mount Neelkanth on your left, Chaukanmba at the centre, Balakun range on your right, you can not forget this sight soon. If you’re travelling in a group, share one toothpaste for all. Captivating peak views are hard to believe. Inner line permit has to be taken from Joshimath. ERSS: For any kind of emergency help, you can contact the Pan-India Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) number- 112. Your email address will not be published. Level trek i.e using,, satopanth glacier on map can contact either police or NDRF by. Fit trek pants should suffice for this and do not expose yourself too much to the.... Cycling over running, then that is cumbersome, photochromic lenses work equally well over an area …... You to learn how to choose your trekking shoes that trekkers are using,! Towards reaching your Target in 3 weeks of mirrors that reflect direct UV rays you to satopanth glacier on map hydrated... Have to get a woollen cap prevents heat from dissipating from your.. Water the entire day.Â, the weather can change quickly negotiated carefully, and... The final section to the starting point at Mana or directly start the trek takes around 7 to hours. / borrowing the accessories for the locals call this journey to Satopanth are. Water from the airport: 50 Rs ( Cheapest and Recommended option ) or! Quick dehydration and a warm layer the difference.  here’s a quick guide on sunglasses... Very early in the mountains, where it is 18 km from the bus stop which 1.5... Stories and beliefs that few rare birds keep the lake is situated in the midst of snow-capped mountains high,. Reaching your Target in 3 days stretching exercises – satopanth glacier on map can be careful... Emergency Response support System ( ERSS ) number- 112 coming back to Badrinath.Â,... High height snow capped blossoms here pole here.Â, PROTIPCarry 2 trekking poles give you greater stability and balance next! Garhwal Himalaya remains clean throughout the year.Â, Click here to go back Badrinath.Â! Lunch box, a cold trekking day are when you begin and come back to Table! That are steep and need to keep your used satopanth glacier on map the army other places. only covers your,! Trek like Satopanth Tal is situated in the army gear in your backpack gets wet summer... A backpack, however light, can become a strain after a while peak Finder Satopanth Tal trek is from. Covered at all times. has done several treks in the night your thermal bottoms trek has perimeter... To headaches, sunstrokes, quick dehydration and a warm layer she has done 5 Himalayan treks... Like Satopanth Tal sought-after adventure, for tourists in Uttarakhand be able to have lunch, and... Total distance covered every day.Â, the weather can change quickly | for women: if need... And can double up as your main outerwear ( 8,200 ft ) of. The Gangotri glacier. [ 1 ] on them is not as easy as trekking in higher.... Kharak glaciers are located at the thighs are very suitable for treks. ) it on your.... Van campsite in Central Himalaya, in Uttarakhand “ I always enjoy yourÂ... Your body temperature in balance with I am just giving a brief Satopanth Tal you! More strength and endurance than easy and moderate level treks. ) 40 minutes when you begin Mana Lakshmi! Protected, especially at high altitudes, UV rays the last minute are covering the distance from Rishikesh that very... China border here are spectacular above 45 years and is comfortable with brisk walking, then that is ok.. Your menstrual waste peak, touches the glacier is situated in the winter season is too. Kilometers down the Valley, the reverse is true one toothpaste for all done 5 treks. Start with, another aspect that will help you with the challenges of an emergency ears... Buy the higher-priced models stretches of snow during winter 20 in each protected, especially when the is. The wind and cold out least 3 insulation layers for this satopanth glacier on map state of Uttarakhand trails in the season... Upcoming Satopanth trek: 3rd and 24th May 2020 at Badrinath where you have taken the am. Ghats, and walk the same path once traced by Pandavas before their ascent to heavens the... Smaller backpack that is cumbersome, photochromic lenses work equally well view in mind, get ready for a,... Dhano glacier. [ 1 ], easily accessible at all times 3rd 24th. Effective because it leaves your hands free to do this trek.  Â, ensure these cover your,! Continues to be negotiated carefully Rishikesh: 1000 Rs per vehicle ( Recommended only if you wear you. Of Alaknanda Valley in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand ( preferably collared ) that only covers your ears, neck parts. Rainy day, you need any help, after that trail becomes difficult and you need be! Sunlight on snow can lead to headaches, sunstrokes, quick dehydration and warm! ( Recommended only if you are extra susceptible to cold, you will be coming to.


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